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Chief Information Officer
n. Abbr. CIO
The person within an organization that sets the strategic direction for use of technology and determines how technology can help an organization achieve its objectives at the lowest possible cost.

CIOs are becoming a small-business staple.1 Unfortunately, many organizations either think they have a CIO when, in fact, they don't, or they cannot afford one2.

Instead, they:
- rely on the advice of "hands-on" technical support personnel.
- rely on business managers who do not understand technology.

Allowing these people to make technology decisions often leads to wasting the business' money and frustrating the business with technology that does not do what the business wants.

1CIO Information Network (2003)
2 (2003) indicates that a full-time CIO or Directory of Technology in Tampa Bay costs between $100K and $215K per year excluding benefits.

Add a CIO to your staff for a fraction of the cost.
Concentrate on your core business.
Understand technology instead of being confused by it.
Comfort of having an experienced person making technology decisions
Truth's CIO 4u service provides world-class technical leadership that will fit within the budget of a small/medium-sized organization. As part of this service, Truth will provide you a CIO-level resource 1-5 days a month. You'll have the same technical leadership used by Fortune 500 companies such as UPS and Fidelity Investments. That means you'll have someone helping you that has made major technical decisions numerous times based on business needs and sound financial analysis.

Whether you want advice on how to leverage technology, or you want someone to guide your existing staff, Truth has the experience you can trust to help you meet your business needs.

If any of the following apply, this service is for you.

Your business is getting large enough that you would like experienced technical guidance.
You cannot afford a full-time CIO or Director of Technology.
You would rather concentrate on your core business and let someone else handle the technology.
You sometimes feel you don't understand technical decisions that are being made.
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