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Many small to medium-sized businesses rely solely on associates' or employees' recommendations on what they have used in the past. While these recommendations are good input, they rarely provide the full picture you need to make an educated decision. The rapid change in technology is reason alone to determine if a newer product exists that might better meet your needs at a lower cost.

Technology that helps you do what you think it can
Technology at a lower price
Technology installed on time and within budget
Understanding of options before making a decision
Truth Technologies has helped numerous businesses in various industries methodically determine what hardware/software options exist, which option best meets its needs, and how to get the appropriate option implemented and supported at the lowest cost.

As part of this service, Truth will:
help you understand if a given technology will truly help you meet your business objectives
canvass multiple vendors and products to determine the top 3 options to meet your needs
perform a numbers-based analysis of the various options to determine the best option for you
work with vendors to get the lowest price
install the technology
set up on-going technical support that is there when you need it

Truth prides itself in being able to "manage the bridge" between technical and non-technical people. That means for a numbers-driven manager, Truth will help you understand the status of technology projects in terms of "percentage of tasks complete" and "estimated cost at completion". For the technology specialist, Truth will allow you to focus on what you do best - implement technology.
Wouldn't that be nice?

If any of the following apply, this service is for you.

You want to:
create or modify a Web site.
install/upgrade a data network.
install/upgrade PCs, PDAs, servers, or databases.
install/upgrade applications to provide e-mail, Customer Relationship Management, financial management or eCommerce.
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