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Many businesses and organizations are "heads down" in their work. They aren't able to step back and determine if there is a better way to do what they do. In addition, they often don't understand all of the options technology offers to help them be the business they want to be.

Understand practical technology options for reaching your business goals.
Comfort that your technology will serve you for years
Know all of the costs and financial benefits before making a technology purchase.
Truth Technologies prides itself in helping companies understand practical applications of existing technology. That means helping you understand how technology can let your business do what you do best - not for technology's sake, but for your business' sake. Truth does not recommend technology, because it's cool. Truth recommends technology, when it makes sense for you.

As part of this service, Truth will perform the following:
review your business objectives for the next 1-4 years
review the technology you currently use
determine how to leverage your existing technology or new technology to meet your business objectives
perform cost/benefit analysis to determine if the technology financially makes sense for you
develop a high-level plan to "re-task" your existing technology or install new technology

Truth Technologies will help you understand in plain black and white if technology will be financially beneficial. Many technology vendors state the intangible benefits of their technology - "improved customer service", "better flow of information", etc. What they fail to discuss is how much it will really cost to buy the product and keep it running. Also, they can rarely quantify the benefits associated with the technology. Concepts such as Total Cost of Ownership, Return on Investment, and Payback Period are not discussed - and they should be - for your sake.

If any of the following apply, this service is for you.

You want to:
understand the latest technical options for helping you reach your business goals.
solve current and potential business issues at the lowest cost.
understand if your current technology will work for your business 1-5 years from now.
determine if various technologies financially make sense for you.
develop a plan for getting technology installed and supported.


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