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Too many times businesses place new technology in front of employees expecting them to "pick it up". After several months or even years of frustration, management realizes that maybe their employees should be trained on the use of the technology.


Increase employee productivity.
Spend less money getting basic computer questions answered.
Utilize the technology you paid for.
For over 10 years Truth Technologies employees have been helping organizations determine if employees are working as effectively as possible, and how to increase their productivity.

As part of this service Truth will:
identify deficiencies in your staff's technical skills
determine the training that will address the deficiencies
schedule the appropriate training providers
conduct training

If any of the following apply, this service is for you.

Your staff has not been able to perform their job because they did not know how to use the technology available to them.
"It just seems like we should be more productive".
You spend a lot of time answering computer questions.
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